Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Matching Mariners in IKEA Curtain Pants

Too bad we don't have matching blue and white striped tops to go with our sailor pants. Someday...

The last time we were at IKEA, I paused in front of the display of curtain panels. You'll hardly be surprised that the sewist in me didn't see curtains; she saw fabric. I was doing a quick calcuation in my head (hmm...that works out to about 3 dollars a yard...) when I heard my husband's voice behind me, "Those would make great pants!"
So here they are. One panel was good for two pairs of pants (one big, one little) so one panel is still waiting in my fabric closet for its turn under the needle.

My pants are an extension of the BurdaStyle Ruby shorts I made recently. If I make them again, I may try to make them less wide-legged.

Sara's pants are simple elastic waisters with flared hems from Ottobre 4-2004-23. I added the decorative buttons on the sides and heart-shaped patch pockets.

No, my pockets aren't heart-shaped.


  1. I love both of these. Yours are very smart...and Sara's are so cute. What a clever husband you have, spotting that the panels would make great trousers! Maybe he'll want some too!

  2. Great pants. Very cute. I love the mother/daughter theme. And what a great bargain too.

  3. Awww... but WHY don't yours have heart pockets? Those are very cute on both of you. Plus, you know how I feel about thriftyawesomeness... and this definitely qualifies!! Nice work!

    (ahem... I won't comment on the color and it's pasty-pale appropriateness, of course)

  4. Heart shaped pockets! What a fab thought. Lovely trousers :-)

  5. Adorable!! Must go trolling Ikea for curtains.... I love that place.

  6. No Ikea around here. It's Nashville, you'd think that there WOULD be!

    Very cute pants on BOTH of you!


  7. You have been so busy sewing lately. It is fun to see all the great stuff you turn out! (I am on the Otto list with you.) I love sailor pants and these are great!!

  8. I wish we had an Ikea closer than 4 hours away!
    Those pants are fantastic!

  9. I just picked up 2 lovely (linen-cotton blend?) soft, sun-bleached, washed floral curtain panels from the local thrift store and am going to make them into pants + matching purse. Looking for good patterns...thanks for the inspiration :)


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