Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pink Overload

There's no particular occasion for me to make the girls matching dresses - and that's probably why I decided to do it now. With a deadline looming, they'd probably have taken me twice as long and I would have enjoyed it half as much. So, 24 darts, 21 french seams and three lined bodices later, we have matching dresses.

I made this dress (Ottobre 2-2002-16) for Grace last year and it's one of my favorites.
Strangely enough, I didn't realize it when I first made it, but the skirt is a full circle divided into 8 gores. I squeezed the three dresses out of 4 yards of this cotton quilting from Hobby Lobby, which meant some of the skirt panels had to be cut on the cross grain. Luckily the pattern allowed for that; if that's affecting the drape of the skirts, I can't really see it.

This one was taken a hundred years ago. No, actually I was playing around with the photo in Picasa when Picasa took the liberty of saving this version and getting rid of my original. Oops.


  1. OH my goodness! TWENTY FOUR DARTS!?! TWENTY ONE FRENCH SEAMS! Oh girly that makes my head hurt. I love the dresses and love your pictures. Particularly the last three pics. So cute!

  2. Well good grief. (And how many children do you have, exactly?) These are VERY CUTE dresses (on some very cute kids). Plus, I love that fabric (actually, I think I have a yard of this somewhere, must look...)

  3. Oh, your girls look adorable. I love the picture with them all sitting inside their circles. Great job!

  4. Adorable dresses! I love your pictures! Love the one where they have the dresses spread out - they look like beautiful flowers growing on the lawn.

    BTW Picasa sometimes stores a backup file in the directory where the file is - check if there is a ".picasaoriginals" folder where your photo is stored.

  5. They are too cute!! Makes me want to have another little girl so that I can make matching dresses. Those are so pretty and twirly. I bet the girls love them!

  6. The girls are too stinking cute! Love the dresses.

  7. Cute pictures and dresses. I wish I had multiple girls to dress all the same. My SIL is expecting triplets, so maybe I'll get my chance to sew some for someone else anyway.


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