Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rough Draft

I hinted earlier that I might try my hand at drafting a t-shirt rather than continue searching for the perfect t-shirt pattern. Well, here's what I'm calling draft #1. I have yet to come up with a catching name for this item in my one-item pattern line.

I drafted a basic tee block intended for a stretchy fabric, then changed the neckline, waist shaping, hem length, and sleeves. One thing I didn't do was fit the shoulders to match my normal forward shoulder alteration. I will defnitely make that alteration to my bodice blocks from now on. You can't see it too well, but the shoulder seam falls behind the actual shoulder line, which is curved slightly forward. And the ball (big knob) of the shoulder is jutting against the front of the sleeve. So, the alteration re-angles the seamline, rotates the sleeve cap forward, and alters the armscye to match the sleeve.

I can't remember where I first saw this book, but I've seen two sewists (Everything Just Sew and Bean Girl) put it to use in inspiring ways. Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear is a meticulously detailed book with exellent diagrams. It's a bit terse in explanation and instructions, but I think the drawings make up for any lack of wordiness. Some day, when I've used the book more, I'll give a fuller review.


  1. Ooo, excellent first draft! Once you get that shoulder thing ironed out (well, not literally of course, ouch!) you should be able to make all KINDS of stuff with this. Very exciting!

  2. It looks great. And, I love the name..I think you should stick with it! I really should get myself a book...I am always amazed at women who have made small adjustments and the huge difference it makes. I look forward to seeing draft #2!

  3. I have used an older edition of this book for a skirt block, a bodice block and a t-shirt block. I am happy with the skirt block and have made a number of variations. The bodice block worked well, but I need to redo it as I was between pregnancies then. I have never got the sleeve block to work out. My t-shirt block needs some more work, but I have bought a knit pattern drafting book for this. I love all the illustrations in this book and I think it gives very comprehensive coverage on how to get different styles. I have used these methods on other blocks and patterns. I love this book best of all, though I have a handful on pattern drafting now.


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