Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shorts Ahoy!

Even though I used my new drafting book, Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear , to draft a pants sloper this week, I decided to download these Ruby Shorts from BurdaStyle. I'm glad I did because I love the fit, and I'll be able to use these for pants, too.

Both sides have button plackets and there's a patch pocket on the back. The fabric is a remnant from Mill End Textiles and I think it's cotton ripstop. It has a faint checkered weave and seems very durable. I debated whether I should really use it for boys' pants (because of the durability), but thought it'd be perfect for these shorts. I, unlike the boys, will at least be able to wear them for more than one season.

I've done many buttonholes with my machine's buttonhole stitch (see top two buttons), but I finally abandoned that less than stellar method and adopted my mom's method (see bottom two buttons). She just uses a small zigzag; I think it looks much cleaner and is easier to control.


  1. Neat shorts! Were these from a pattern?

  2. Beachgirl,
    Oops, I accidentally hit "publish" before I wrote up the text. This is a great pattern!

  3. How I wish I had the legs and bum for shorts like that. They're so cute - I love the details. And they look great on you.

  4. Nice shorts! I've been looking for a great shorts pattern myself. Good deal that you were planning to draft a pants sloper for yourself!!! These shorts look great on you!


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