Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Pantsit

Today's post is about shorts. I made the baby and the plaid top, too, but today we'll look at the shorts which are from the same pattern as the capri pants I made earlier (Ottobre 2-2002-40). I have that magazine issue in Finnish and its humorous name for these shorts is "Hot Pantsit". I used some leftover fabric to eke the shorts out of, and since I couldn't add length I used a hem facing instead of turning up a hem for fear they really would be short enough to warrant being called hot pants. They're not so short after all, though.

The fabric is a tight-weave inflexible stuff. It's very smooth, almost like raincoat material. It's not a twill weave, but I have no idea what else to call it.

We're about to go out shopping and I'm sporting the Swedish clog/sandals I bought last fall at a Scandinavian festival in North Carolina. They are Ugglebo clogs from JanSwede, the US distributor. I don't know exactly why, but the style I chose was brand new and the guy gave me a significant deal on them. Phew! Anyway, I love these shoes because, contrary to what you might think, wood and leather is extremely comfortable AND easy to walk in.


  1. well it's all just... awesomeness.

    (and "I made the baby and the plaid top, too" is my favorite quote of the day)

  2. Like your pantsit. Hey at least they didn't put an "h" in there by mistake. I really must subscribe to some more magazines - the styles are so much more current and interesting than the big 4.

  3. I love the shorts...just hot enough at that length! I had my eye on some Swedish Hasbeens...some idea, wood and leather, as you say aparantly very comfy. I never got them though!


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