Friday, July 30, 2010


This summer I've been working to make myself the basics of a wardrobe (hence all the basics you've been seeing). And now I finally have the ultimate basic necessity: jeans.

These are Burda 9-2009-113. The magazine shows a bohemian print version, but I'm fresh out of bohemian prints. I'm not ruling it out for the future, though, he he. The pants have a front yoke, with front pockets starting below the yoke. There are darts in the back, but no pockets. I like the look of the topstitched front pockets and yoke.

I've worn these for two days and the denim has not stretched or sagged at all. The fit is quite good and they are very comfortable, but if I had known the fabric was quite so...stable...I may have given myself a bit more room in the back for appearance's sake. In another fabric I'm sure it'd be perfect.


  1. well look at you, you sewing machine, you.

    er. hmmm. "sewing machine" sounded much better in my head.

    These look great! I like those front pockets too. And maybe the back could use a TINY little bit of give, but I mean come on, if you can't wear a pair of form-fitting jeans now and then, what's the point?

  2. Nice jeans! I really love the pocket design on those jeans - the slant is really clever. I have also recently made a pair of jeans with no give which are so uncomfortable despite my impeccable top stitching (sob sob!) I think I'll have to give them away.

  3. Lovely fit! I always think jeans look better with back pockets, though...especially if the are form-fitting....that however is for my own behind! You itty-bitty figure can carry off these snug ones!

  4. They look great! I can't say I ever noticed this pattern when hunting for jeans, so thank you, I will certainly take a closer look at them :)


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