Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Linen au Naturel

I think this is the first time I've made something immediately from the current Burda issue. This is 7-2019-122, the 3/4 kimono sleeve blouse. This spring I got three colors of linen during a sale at Mill End Textiles and had a hard time choosing which to use for this top - blue or apple green would have been nice too. But, alas, I choose the subdued natural in hopes that it will match plenty of more exciting things.

This poor top was a comedy of errors in construction for me (ever have those days?) but it really is quite simple. There are no set-in or even raglan sleeves to slow you down. With kimono sleeves, though, the width of the fabric really determines the length of the sleeves. Hence the 3/4 length sleeves. Mine are even shorter than intended because I preshrank the fabric.

I really like this top. The easy fit of the arms and shoulders is super comfortable and the linen will be nice once we get past this heat wave. Maybe a blue or green version is in order.


  1. I like this top too, it looks great and also comfortable. Definitely make it in (an actual)color. I mean, I know you're Pasty-Pale Girl, but... (actually, I'm super-jealous of people who can wear natural linen, since there's always so much of it to be found and it's so pretty.)

  2. Very nice top - lovely simple design for a lovely simple colour - I just feel rested looking at it!


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