Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two Piece Times Two

Don't you love fortuitous errors? (Once you get to the fortuitous part, anyway.) I forgot to add seam allowances to the leg openings of the suit I was making Sara, so I cut off the bottom part and turned it into a tankini top. The bottoms are a boys' swim trunk pattern with panels.

I left all the details off the swim trunks (piping, drawstring). I didn't even add waist elastic - they're pretty snug fitting right now. We'll see if they stay put in use. On the pink suit you can just barely see that the sides and tops are solid pink and the front and back are separate panels.

I really like the fit of both pieces - I think they'll be more comfortable than the original suit I had planned.

The top is modified from Ottobre 3-2009-38 (Seahorse swimsuit) and the bottoms are Ottobre 3-2009-40 (Seamus swim trunks). For reference, I cut the Seahorse swimsuit off just at the top of the leg opening and hemmed it from there, which gives the top plenty of length.


  1. Cute! What a happy accident!

  2. Oh your girls are adorable, and the tankini swimsuits came out pretty well too.


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