Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yoga Pants

We had a bit of funniness going on at our house after my 9 year old (the photographer) thought I said these were "Yoda Pants".

These pants have nothing to do with Yoda and, if I'm being strictly honest, they don't have anything to do with yoga either. But they are extremely comfortable, so they're living up to their intended purpose. I don't know why in the world I hemmed them so long. It must have seemed like a good length at the time.

The pattern is a download from BurdaStyle: Corrine Yoga Pants #6021. I used a medium weight cotton lycra from Mill End Textiles (1.5 yards at $1.60/yd (with coupon) = $2.40).

There's a drawstring, but it's not really necessary. Well...maybe if you're doing yoga....

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  1. Oh sure, lady, you can TRY to hide that yardage price but I SAW THAT. Ack.

    I am literally seething with jealousy. Well. Ok. Maybe not "seething"... but gosh those are cute (and cheap) Yoda Pants!


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