Friday, August 6, 2010

Bandana Blues

It was nice to have a bright and sunny day today following a week of stomach flu (in the middle of summer?). Four year old Grace somehow escaped, but the rest of us went down one-by-one like dominoes. To celebrate renewed good health, we headed out to visit the arboretum, me sporting my new summer top.

This blouse is a somewhat complicated affair: dolman sleeves, gathered side seams, collar and collar stand, pleated sleeve hems, belt loop and belt, and buttons. The front bodice is also gathered at the shoulders to the yoke. I made no shoulder adjustments to this one; instead I played with the size of the sleeve hem pleats for a better fit. The armhole was mighty low, too, and I had to stitch up the sides an extra inch.

I don't normally do belts and I'm not sure I'll wear the belt regularly, although I do like the look of it. The fabric is pretty crisp and I knew it probably wouldn't gather terribly smoothly at the sides, but the aesthetically-pleasing bandana print image in my brain overcame my sewing sense.
The pattern is Burda 6-2008-105.


  1. Lovely blouse! Maybe it will soften up with washing?

  2. Very pretty! As seems to fit very well!

  3. You are so productive! Another great blouse to add to your wardrobe!


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