Monday, August 23, 2010

High-Waisted Rubies

Ack! These were a long time in coming. I've made this pattern - Ruby shorts download from burda style - twice before: as navy shorts and as Ikea curtain pants. When I made them as pants, I found they were pretty loose and billowy and I intended to make these slimmer in the legs. Despite making the pattern twice before, I made one silly and crucial mistake: I forgot that seam allowances were already included!

They were so huge, I could have set sail on a windy day. Remove 4 side button plackets; remove 4 inches total from width and try again. After all that seam ripping and placket applying agony, they now fit even better than the first two pairs, since I was able to pin the side seams to fit exactly. Front fly pants are much easier to fit for that reason; on these pants the plackets at the sides are finished first and there is only so much help you can get from adjusting back darts (yes, I tried that...).

One happy side effect of the seam allowance mishap is that after adding an extra seam allowance to both the top and bottom of the waistband, the waistband is much wider (1.5 inches; 3 cm) and I really like it this way.

Next up is a blue and white striped item to match the pants. I'm really hoping this little streak of silly mistakes is over. I'll be happy with smooth and unexciting sailing for a while.


  1. Oh gosh, I'm glad you were able to make the pants work. The fit looks really good. I'd like to make a wide leg pair of pants now that I have done a skinny pair. I like the side button placket on yours. Can't wait to see your matching top. Nice job and inspiring perseverence!

  2. Grrr! Isn't it frustrating when we make silly mistakes? Glad that you worked through it and I really like how the pants look.

  3. Very nice pants. I love that deep waistband. They look great on you.

  4. those are so cute!! i might have to finish mine that have been in hanging over my ironing board half finished since i discovered how big they were! i love the thicker waistband and will definitely be incorporating this into my unfinished pair. thanks for giving me hope!


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