Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Guitar Hero

Being a string instrument fanatic [yes, I collect those in addition to fabric, but fabric's a little cheaper], I of course couldn't pass up this guitar shirt pattern I spotted in a recent Ottobre magazine.

Alex went "fabric shopping" (as he says) in my stash and came up with the colors for the shirt and the guitar. I added two inches to the length because I want him to wear this next summer.

The shirt has raglan sleeves and narrow binding at the neck and sleeve hems. I was a little concerned the sleeves would look too gathered (i.e. girly), but I like the way they turned out.

Pattern is "Riff T-shirt" Ottobre 3-2010-18. I upgraded this to Alex's size and I noticed that the guitar applique is, not surprisingly, a lot smaller in proportion to this shirt than it is on the toddler shirt in the magazine.


  1. Gosh, that is super cute!!! Love the colors he picked. Red and grey look so good together.

  2. He has a good eye, your boy. Great fabric choices. It's a really cool shirt, isn't it? I didn't do the sleeve binding (chickened out) and I now see that I made a mistake - your version looks great.

  3. I like your son's choice of colors much better than what was in the magazine. Who doesn't love a red guitar?!


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