Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Your Finnish word of the day is "Retrokukka", which means . . . retro flower! I just looked that up now, but I see how appropriate it is that I used this retro-y orange flower pot print. I got a yard of it a while ago from the clearance table of Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC.

This crazy dress has quite the details and I was very annoyed with the whole thing until I put it on Molly and saw that it's really cute despite all the mistakes I made.
While wearing the finished dress, Molly sat on my lap (her wish, not mine) while I finished stitching the elastic to the bloomer legs. I pulled the bloomers off the machine, snipped the threads, and put them straight onto Molly. I was very pleased that, at such a tender age, Molly was able to witness with her own little eyes the origin of her clothing!

The details: front and back square necks (on both shell and lining, of course), front and back pintucks (the lining is gathered instead), a hem band attached to the sleeveless lining and peeking out of the shell. Oh, and the miserable button placket. Actually, attaching the lining to the placket was the miserable part. In the end, I finally realized that I had misaligned the square front yoke between the shoulders and that caused a domino effect so the lining didn't fit the placket and neckline. Improvisation was necessary.

Despite my disappointment in the lining, I think the error is not terribly noticeable on the outside.

Bloomer views.

The patterns: Retrokukka dress (Ottobre 1-2010-4) and Cassia shorts (Ottobre 3-2009-2).


  1. I love, love , love the colours and fabrics! Of course... you know you are the only one who can see the mistakes.
    Molly is getting so grown up. She's just lovely!

  2. No mistakes are visible to me.:) The dress looks great and Molly is lucky to have a mom who sews!

  3. How cute! I made this dress too, and had big problems with the lining & the button placket. I ended up hand stitching bits of it because I couldn't figure it out.

  4. Well it sure looks great, no mistakes obvious. Which in my book, is a winner. Love that fabric too! Man, I so totally miss the days when a yard of fabric would make a WHOLE DRESS.


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