Friday, September 17, 2010


My poor boy has been suffering in the clothing department since I've been focusing so much on rounding out my own wardrobe lately. He's stubborn and refuses to wear anything not mom-made, so he was down to one pair of wearable pants. I shouldn't feel too guilty, since he has other, albeit less-desirable-store-bought, pants in his drawer. But I still caved and made him another pair - a repeat of ones I've made twice before: Ottobre 1-2004-24.

These have fun pockets that wrap around the sides. The fancy jean tack button is from Cleaner's Supply.

They have a zip fly but are still comfy with the elastic in the back.


  1. Those are awesome! No wonder he won't wear store bought.

  2. These are great..My boy is down to one decent pair of cords too...I really need to get busy making for him too.

  3. I love that he only wants to wear clothes you make for him. (Despite the obvious extra work) that is very sweet!


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