Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dragon Pockets and SSS Day 15

Today's outfit:
Raglan sleeve t-shirt: Ottobre 5-2008-8. This is a comfortable top - it's not so bad as I thought it was the day I made it, probably because it's now weather appropriate.
Trousers: Burda 9-2009-113.

My son took these photos just before the sky opened. We have quite the thunderstorm right now. I have new pants for day 15 - a celebration for the half-way mark! I debuted the pants this morning as my mom and I took the kids to Minnesota's largest candy store (so the sign says) and to an antique/craft sale. The candy store is in a large apple barn and quite the heaven for kids, except my oldest has abandoned his aspirations to be an inventor and decided to open a candy store with only wheat- and corn-free candy. Poor thing. Well, maybe he can do both.

The pants are a repeat of the jeans I did before (Burda 9-2009-113), except this time I added back pockets. Millie hinted (skillyfully hinted, by the way, in almost Minnesota-nice fashion) that back pockets could possibly be better instead of no pockets, and she has my wholehearted agreement there. If you're interested in pursuing the topic of pockets further, check out this hilarious and insightful post on Mom Jeans and its sequel, Grandma Jeans. (HT Quirky Threads).

Unlike my unstretchy jeans version, this corduroy pair may be a little loose. If they don't snug up in the wash I'll be tempted to rip off the waistband and take in the waist a little. It amazes me the difference the fabric will make. Will I ever master the elusive combination of pattern, fit, and fabric?

I had a little fun with the back pockets - tone on tone, since I didn't want them to be too much fun. I traced the pattern (from a Dover Publications stencil book) with pen and stitched the design by hand. Much more economical for me than an embroidery machine.

Here's a closeup of the yoke and pockets.


  1. I like these.

    Um. Is that too Minnestoa-nice? Sorry.

    I think I'm going to have to do a blog post about this.

  2. Oh, those pockets are awesome.

    Minnesota-nice? No idea about this.

  3. Thanks for the link about the mom jeans LOL! Definitely gives me some ideas for my next pair. My butt needs all the decoration it can get, so I always go for pockets :)

    Re the fabric/size: this is a constant struggle, isn't it? I haven't quite mastered it either, but some things that have helped me are 1) washing the pants before putting on the waistband, and adjusting accordingly, 2) wearing the pants pre-waistband (or with pinned on waistband) for several hours to assess fit over time, and adjusting accordingly, and 3) interfacing the heck out of the waistband to keep it from stretching. I do a lot of taking in the outside leg seam. ;)

  4. Another outfit I really like. It looks like something out of my closet!
    I had to chuckle after checking out what Minnesota-nice is. My husband is from WI and there's a 4 way stop in town. Nobody moves at the stop signs because they are all waiting for the other person to go first!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out of my Mom Jeans post - glad you enjoyed it! And those pants are adorable - I am quite impressed that you made them! I love the pocket detail, and yes, they totally pass the pocket test. :)

  6. Your pants look great and they must feel wonderful on, made with the corduroy. Hopefully they will snug up so you don't have to redo the waistband. The pockets are a perfect addition.

  7. The details are so cool. I love the tone on tone hand embroidery.

  8. Well today I walked into Target and looked at my behind in the mirror, when I never used to do that. But now that my eyes have been opened to the Mom Butt (never knew there was such a thing) and the Pocket Positioning (never knew there was such a thing).... I think I will stick to skirts.
    Unrelated, I realize that I have an obscene amount of corduroy that I bought over the years with the foolishly optimistic intention of making fall and winter clothes for the girls. It made me remember this post so I came back to say hi. Corduroy, I've found (in spite of not actually touching my corduroy stash much) has a lot of give because of the wale/cord/whatever it's called ridges. So they shrink back nice after a wash and dry, but become loose again after just a few wears. Not at all like twill or denim. Maybe try the pants immediately after a laundry cycle before redoing the band?


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