Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Search of the Cool Stool

These gems of stools were bequeathed to us by the previous owner of our house. They were a perfect match to the rest of the decor of our lower level living space: cubicle gray (blinds, carpet, tile floor...). In fact, I think the fabric on these WAS cubicle wall fabric. The stool seats were unpadded wooden boxes made of pieces of wood nailed together.

The fabric was stapled onto the seats with wrap design.

Behold! Spray paint, foam padding, and fancy canvas from stash ... and we have new stools. Wouldn't it be nice if office cubicles could be this fun?

Each seat took 1/2 yard. I got this fabric a while ago from Mary Jo's cloth store in NC. I stitched the corners, but my husband did all the rest: unstapling, painting, measuring cloth, marking stitching lines, cutting padding, reassembling and restapling. He thinks that after reupholstering two couches and a stuffed chair, anything else is cake.

I enjoyed a bit of humor with myself this evening as I was out taking pictures of these. "I can't believe I'm actually placing bar stools in different arrangements on my back deck for a photo shoot!"


  1. what, you mean you're not all up on the latest trend in houseware design: Kill-Me-If-I-Have-To-Work-Here-One-More-Day Gray? It's what all the top designers are doing this year.

    These are very cute, btw.

  2. These are fantastic. Have lots of fun rearranging them everywhere.

  3. Those are wonderful and very fun!

  4. Well you won't be searching anymore! These are the coolest stools around!

  5. las sillas quedaron preciosas

  6. Love the stools---the fabric is fantastic!!!


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