Saturday, September 11, 2010

Multitudinous Matryoshkas

I was happy to find this matryoshka doll fabric at Mill End Textile's latest big sale. It's quilting cotton, not Japanese linen, but I'm happier with $2/yd quilting cotton than $20/yd linen, especially for little girls' tops.

Getting my fabric cut had a multi-cultural bonus, too. My fabric cutter cajoled her fellow cutter into giving me the word "Matryoshka" a few times in her native Russian. My cutter was thrilled, the Russian was obliging, and I was entertained.

The top is the Japanese-style "Polka Dot Blouse" from Ottobre 1-2008-116. It's very easy to make and it seems to be pretty comfortable. The sleeves are gathered to bindings and there's a slit near the left shoulder where the neck binding ties.
The above top is cousin's matching top. They would be identical if I hadn't cut Sara's sleeve fabric with the dolls upside down. Oops.


  1. oops on the sleeve! It looks so sweet and I wouldn't have noticed if you had not mentioned it.

  2. I wouldn't have noticed either. Too funny. A little wabi-sabi in your Japanese blouse.

    I made this several times for the girls when they were smaller and they seemed to find it comfy. Yours is cuter though!

    Still jealous about Mill End. Hmmph. 'Course, I'd probably be buried under a pile of fabric now if I had routine access. (Hmmm..... note to self: continue trying to convice the Husband to move back to St Paul.)


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