Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pigeon Grey on Day 19

Finally a dress for cool weather. It doesn't do me any good to have 2 summer dresses and 2 summer skirts for a cool self-stitched autumn.

I'm really pleased with this and know I'll wear it often. Comfort is a high priority for me and don't often wear the more fitted dresses I own. The pattern is Ottobre 5-2009-9 and pretty quick to sew since it's really a glorified t-shirt. The wide neckband is interfaced, which is nice since it doesn't flop around at all. The skirt panels are gathered with clear elastic and then stitched to the bodice.

I did a MushyWear shoulder alteration, which worked beautifully. I also widened the shoulders 1 cm, which I've been doing often lately as part of my quest for the perfect shoulder fit, but I think that may be unneccesary. I think the MushyWear alteration fit the bill and my problem wasn't in width at all.


  1. I love the neckline on that dress and it's such a pretty colour - well as it's the start of the season you're going to get plenty more wear out of it, for sure. i ordered my first Ottobre magazine last month - I like the way they have real people modelling it and complete wardrobes - if you like the look you can make the lot! the instructions are pretty understandable too!

  2. te ves muy guapa con ese vestido

  3. Very nice! I love my tee shirt dresses also, though I must admit mine are a bit louder and I add belts etc.

  4. Lovely! And funny, I saw this same dress in the Hanna Andersson catalog and ripped the page off, planning to make it sometime this winter for me. Along with half the kids' clothes I saw in the catalog. This is where I get my sewing "patterns" nowadays - I see them in Lands' End and HA catalogs, and rip pages out so can sew later (which usually never happens).

  5. Very chic and comfy too! What a great dress!


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