Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Self-Stitched September: Day 1

First outfit of the wardrobe challenge: sporty sleeveless top (ottobre 2-2008-4) and hot pants (ottobre 2-2002-40).

My 9 year old is thrilled I'm doing Self-Stitched September. Why? Because I pay him $.25 for each photo shoot he does. He's anticipating a windfall of income this month. I may need to start withholding taxes.


  1. How cool, fresh and comfortable you look. However, I will not be showing my photography team this post. At the moment our reimbursement system runs something like 'I will start making dinner after you take this photo - no photo, no dinner'
    I am not such a kind mother :(

  2. Generally speaking, I don't participate in bribery (: but in this case it has revolutionized the process. Instead of being reluctant, my little photographer is actually searching out good lighting and telling me what does and does not look good, or saying, "No that wasn't a good one; let's try another one." Very funny.

  3. So pleased you found a solution to the photography problem...that is what is holding me back from participating in SSS. Love the sporty top.


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