Friday, September 10, 2010

SSS Day 10

I've been doing a lot of short blog posts and not much sewing lately now that school is in full swing. But I did just finish two little tops - one for my niece's birthday and a matching one for my daughter. I'm pretty sure my 6 year old niece doesn't read sewing blogs, but you never know. I'll post the pictures later.
Today's outfit is another favorite. It worked great for sitting for an hour and a half at the rheumatologist's with my son.
Knit Jacket: Ottobre 2-2008-10.
Camisole: Ottobre 2-2009-1.
Jeans: Burda 9-2009-113.


  1. I like this very much-it looks calming, comfortable and casual.

  2. ¿no usarás vestidos este mes?

  3. I really like that jacket, it's so... appealing. Not sure why.

    We've been really lucky with the rhuematologist here, in that although we have to drive two hours into Dallas to see ours, we go to a charitable children's hospital and those folks are or-gan-ized. Now that we're just doing routine visits, we're usually in and out through lab and everything in about an hour. ('Course, one time in the first year, we were there for FOUR and a HALF HOURS. Good grief.)

  4. onix - todavia no tengo vestidos de invierno!

  5. Love this outfit...i have put in a back order for Ottobre for the cardigan pattern, can't wait.

  6. The jacket looks lovely on you, it dresses up the jeans, but does not detract from the casual and relaxed look.


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