Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SSS Day 22

Today's Outfit:
T-shirt: BurdaStyle Lydia
Pants: BurdaStyle Ruby Shorts.

This is the first t-shirt I ever made. It's not too bad considering its quirks and I like to wear it as a sort of progress report, he he. The neck has a facing (called for in the pattern and actually easier than binding), the sleeves are cut on the cross grain, the hem is a little wonky (turned unuder twice and stitched) and I hand-blindstitched the sleeve hems (I have no explanation for that...).

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  1. You are doing so great with SSS! It's good to keep our first projects, that way we can be excited over how far we've come with our sewing. Woo Hoo! By the way, I loved the grey dress you posted a couple of days ago with the super cute grey tights. I wish it was cool enough to wear tights here. I'll bet there is going to be a lot of cute designs this year as it seems they are so "in" this season.


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