Sunday, September 26, 2010

SSS Day 26 and a Roadtrip

Today's outfit:
Pink top: Ottobre 5-2007-5.
White t-shirt: Ottobre 5-2008-8.
Jeans: Burda 9-2009-113.

I'm standing on the last bridge of Seven Bridges Road in Duluth, Minnesota.

Here's a better shot without me marring the view. You don't have to be a good photographer with scenery like this.

My husband's great-grandfather (a Norwegian immigrant) helped build this bridge in about 1912. Seven stone bridges replaced the original wooden ones (built around 1900), and I think all the stone ones have been rebuilt or repaired in the last decade.

Our crew.


  1. Looks like a beautiful day, gorgeous scenery and an adorable gang!

  2. Looks like fun! I like your outfit. Out of much of your wardrobe isn't clothes you've made?

  3. Oof da, that's a lotta blonds. ;-)

    I've never been to Seven Bridges Road (that I remember, it's entirely possible I've been there as a child and had no idea). Anyway, it's very pretty. (Also making me homesick, but then, what doesn't?)

  4. beachgirl...hmmm good question. I would say most of my casual wardrobe is handmade, but I haven't made many dress clothes or specialty items.

  5. Wow! That is beautiful - I'm a little homesick, too. (sigh) But at least it's getting cooler here and a few leaves are falling. I am amazed at your ambition to make your whole wardrobe! And I know I would never have the nerve to try a coat even if I could manage to thread a bobbin. The girls are getting so big! They have grown up so much! I know in my head the boys have aged just as much but for some reason, it's more striking on the girls. :-) It's great to see new pictures of you all.


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