Monday, September 27, 2010

SSS Day 27 and a New Coat

Today's outfit:
Grey raglan sleeve t-shirt: Ottobre 5-2008-8.
Pants: Burda 4-2008-118/119.

These pants will be retired once I replace them. I hemmed them too short in the first place, but it seems they've shrunk since then. Or I've stretched.

And what have I been working on the past week? There's nothing like brisk weather and falling leaves to motivate you to make a coat. Everyone starts making coats in the fall, right?

I've never made a coat before, no less a lined coat, so I dragged my feet a bit on putting this together. Working out which pieces should be cut out of what fabric takes a bit of mental concentration (i.e. quiet) which isn't often available at my house. However, it wasn't as challenging as I thought it'd be - it involves the same techniques as sewing any other garment. Two things were new for me: doing a coat lining and two piece sleeves. Of course, with the lining, there were four two-pieces sleeves, heh.

The most challenging part by far was turning the thing right side out after stitching the lining in. The directions have you pull the entire coat through an opening in the sleeve. Yikes! It'd be a shame to have a wadder garment just because you got it stuck in a long tube shape.
I did a forward shoulder/enlarged armhole alteration on this, just as I do on any top. I'm happy with the coat's fit except for one thing: when I move both of my arms forward, the fabric pulls tight across the front of my arms. This happens on other fitted coats I wear. Can you coat wearers out there tell me - is that normal? Am I asking too much from my coats?

Sources: wool tweed from Mill End Textiles; lining from; and buttons from Cleaner's Supply.
Pattern: Ottobre Woman 5-2008-18.
Total cost: about $15 (my most expensive garment to date).


  1. Looks good! Hmm. I think there's always a certain restriction of movement in a tailored/fitted jacket. However, looking at the back, it could MAYBE be a little wider to give you a touch more movement. It looks great, though. Congratulations!

  2. Fantastic coat! I love the fabric you have used.

  3. The coat looks wonderful! It looks great with those pants - you need another pair!

  4. Whoo! You made a coat! Love the twill. And the very matching buttons. Very nice!

  5. Er, I meant tweed. Sorry. More proof that I can't tell one fabric from another.

  6. That coat is great. No idea on the answers to your questions though. Fitting is some what an elusive thing to me

  7. Wow, great job on the coat! I can totally see this with a fun pop of color via a scarf at the neck too. It looks toasty warm and it sounds like you got a great bargain with the cost of materials.

  8. Love the coat!

    Just letting you know I nominated you for an award on my blog :)

  9. The coat looks terrific.
    With the arms pulling at the front when you move them forward, is it possible that the armscye is a little too low? You mentioned that you have changed the armhole. A higher armscye can give you more forward movement of the arm before you start pulling on the sleeve fabric - of course if it is too high you can't fit your arm in! There is a happy medium there somewhere :). I had this trouble with a fitted blouse, and 1/2 inch raising the armscye gave me about 30 degrees more arm elevation - there is a comparison photo at this post if you are interested


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