Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SSS Day 29 and New Striped Top

Today's outfit:
Raglan sleeve top: self-drafted.
Corduroy jeans: Burda 9-2009-113.

I figured a quick t-shirt was the best thing to follow the coat. I made this one using the same raglan-sleeve draft I used to make the baseball tee. This interlock (from Mill End Textiles) has a little more give to it than the jersey I used before, so the fit is even better across the shoulders. I just wish I had added an inch or two to the length.

I ended up going to the wretched work of taking the waistband off these cords and removing 2 inches from the waist. Since I needed to take in that much, you can imagine they weren't very fun to wear. Removing and reapplying a waistband isn't fun, either, but I'm glad I did it. These pants will serve me well now.

My 8 year old has been keeping tabs on me during self-stitched September. Every once in a while, he'll eye me suspiciously and say, "Did you make that? It looks store bought." I don't know if that's exactly a compliment coming from an inexperienced 8 year old...but I'll take it anyway (:


  1. Your jeans and top look great! It made me laugh that your son is keeping an eye on you :)

  2. My son's comments are not always so complimentary. I see you shop a lot at Mill Ends, do you live in minnesota ? By the way did you see this ?


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