Friday, September 3, 2010

SSS Day 3 and a Striped Shirt

Last night I officially launched my fall sewing for boys with this simple t-shirt. I made this pattern once before with double sleeves as a birthday shirt. The boys got to stay up late last night with Dad to watch the Vikings game. Since my sewing room is also the basement family room, they watched tv and ate snacks while I stitched. When the game was over, Peter happily tried on his new shirt, then carefully folded it and put it on his dresser for the morning. Ah, will he always be so happy when I make him a t-shirt?

The pattern is the Reko Raglan Tee pattern (Ottobre 4-2008-26). Next up is a new pair of pants to replace those ratty ones he's wearing.

And here is September Outfit #3 for a chilly and super windy errand running day.
Fleece jacket: Burda 1-2010-105.
Baseball t-shirt: self-drafted.
Jeans with front yoke: Burda 9-2009-113.


  1. I'm having fun checking every day to see what self-made outfit you're wearing!

  2. love that BS jacket.

    You know, they really really need to change the name of that magazine again. It makes commenting so dangerous. I do not, for instance, think your jacket is BS.

    Also, I'm seriously hoping my kids will still want me to make their clothes when they get older... or what will I do with all my free time? -snort choke- "free time..." Bahahhahaaaa....

  3. The jeans you are wearing look awesome. What great sewing you do. I am also impressed with your faithfulness in posting every day. I found your blog from the list on So Zo.

  4. How do you fit it all in? Great jacket.


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