Thursday, September 30, 2010

SSS Day 30

We had an unseasonably warm day to wrap up the month. Boy, did September fly by!

Today's outfit:
T-shirt: BurdaStyle Lydia.
Capris: Ottobre 2-2002-40.

I didn't have any huge revelations during my month-long experiment, but I did confirm some suspicions.
1. I wear and sew mostly solids, especially the neutrals, blues and greens.
2. I have a lot of basics, but not many very interesting things (partly because I focused on basics to build up my wardrobe).

I think I will try to work with a few more prints in the future.

I found that I had enough basic clothes to easily last me a month, but I did feel constrained by my self-imposed challenge to not repeat an outfit. My normal self wears the same outfit for a few days and then tosses it the wash, when necessary. (Stay-at-home-moms can do that.) That would have been very boring for you, dear readers, so I went all out for variety.

What store bought garment did I miss most? My zip-up hooded grey sweatshirt (I suppose the modern term is "hoodie"). I found my arm reaching for that wonderful (and boring) layering piece on many occasions. It's high time I stitch myself one, don't you think?

Lastly, I enjoyed watching other people's SSSs unfold on the Flickr group. It's interesting to me how very unique people's handmade wardrobes are as they evolve to suit their personality, body shape, color season, budget, and ethics.


  1. I have really enjoyed seeing your outfits this month. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wonderful outfits and love your style!


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