Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SSS Day 8

Today's outfit...
Raglan t-shirt: Ottobre 5-2008-8.
Cargo pants: Burda 12-2009-116.

I haven't worn either of these items since I made them. I could probably get by with a pair of jeans and two t-shirts, but that'd hardly be worth blogging about!

Although I complained about the poor fit of the shirt, both it and the pants are very comfortable (the pants are stretch twill). The only problem with the pants is that they're dark olive green. WHAT besides white do you wear with olive green?


  1. Girl. Seriously? You can wear ANYTHING with dark olive green. Pink, brown, black, tan, orange, yellow.... ok, I'll admit that lighter blues might need a little finessing, but honest, I think you could wear just about anything with those cute pants. Oooo, oooo! Fire engine red! Oh wait, that's what I can wear with them. Well, you can still wear all those other colors! Live a little, Pasty Pale Girl! ;-)

    (Ooo, ooo and my word verification was "blisms". Is that not the best word? I have no idea what it means. Maybe what you have when you're super maxed out on biss? Blisms?

    Sorry, slightly hyper tonight! LOL)

  2. uh. that was "super maxed out on BLISS" of course. Sheesh. Have a little caffeine after seven and what happens...?

  3. Another smart casual outfit.
    I love dark olive green - I like teal, pinks, purples with it- but not white, in which I look extremely ill. Can you wear pastels? I don't but I think they look great with olive

  4. Those are cool looking pants. Navy blue looks good with olive green. And so does pink....any shade of pink.

  5. I have a stash of olive green fabrics waiting for me to make up. Now I'll give them a go. Green can be a good basic colour.


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