Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hedgehog Britches

I have a lot of fall/winter wardrobe plans for Sara but, not surprisingly, with life and all, they're coming along slowly. I made this quick pair of pants in response to, "Mom! I'm just dying for pants!"

I used chunky navy corduroy and added heart-pockets. You may (or may not) remember that I did pretty much the same thing for the mariner Ikea curtain pants. Instead of button embellishments, this time we have a spiky pink hedgehog (pattern courtesy of LollyChops).

Sara's proudly showing her handmade purse. It started as a doll blanket, but something went awry and it was modified into a purse.

Pattern: Elastic Waist Pants (Ottobre 4-2004-23).
Wide wale corduroy:
No-roll waistband elastic:
Purse and applique fabrics: the scrap bin.


  1. The hedgehog is so cute. I love it! Great to see the little one beginning her own sewing adventures!

  2. Love love the hedgehog. And the heart pockets are pretty cute too.

  3. Great trousers. Very cute hedgehog too! And, isn't she clever making a purse!


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