Monday, October 4, 2010

Jalie in Stripes

Yay, more stripe matching practice! I made this Jalie t-shirt once before for Peter with a dragon stencil. Last time I slimmed it two sizes compared to the height according to his measurements. It fit well, but maybe a little too well. This time I traced the next height size up (anticipating some increase in height this year!) and didn't slim it. Maybe it's a little too baggy now. I can't decide. His bulky pants don't help the look, though.

The sidelong glance...

Pattern: Jalie #2918 (toddler through men's sizes).
Fabric: Chez Ami interlock.


  1. Looks good, with plenty of grow room!

  2. He'll grow into it fast enough! It looks good.

  3. nice to see the stripes! i just got some stripey fabric for myself and am contemplating the neckband... i like you you did yours!

  4. So hard to choose between "fitting well now" and getting more wear out of an item as they grow into it! My oldest has already outgrown the jeans I made that fit her perfectly in May... so sad!

    Every time I see striped shirts I think how nice they are... but somehow I never feel drawn to striped fabric. Weird.


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