Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pleats and pleats

Here we have some pleats to go with the stripes. I made these pants once before and Peter wore them until I had repatched the patches.

I think all the pleats and topstitching, plus the faux-fly look, are really an improvement on the elastic-waist pant. I did sew the knee pleats down from the inside because, in real life, they pouf out and certainly don't flatten themselves out again.

Khaki twill from Mill End Textiles.
Elastic from Cleaner's Supply.
Pattern: Kalle Outdoor Pants (Ottobre 4-2008-24).


  1. Great outfit. He's got lots of growing room, and you know how fast they grow, so this is a good thing, especially if he doesn't mind the sizing. The pants are a great design for sure. So much nicer than plain old elastic pants with no detail. I have really got to look into ottobre patterns. Very cute styles I am seeing!

  2. Love these pants!! This is such a great pattern.
    What is it with boys and holes lol My DS wore his version of these out too. A huge great tear in both the knees.

  3. They look wonderful...and what a lovely smile your son has.

  4. Your pants look great! I made a pair for my sons and they loved them. They wear them all the time and are asking for another pair. So, save your pattern!


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