Friday, October 29, 2010

The Spy Duo

These were a long time in coming, but finally my spies-in-training have their essential wardrobe piece: the trenchcoat. They and Dad snuck to some spy-supply shops (Goodwill, dollar store, and Target) to sleuth out the rest of the essentials.

Suspicious side view.

Mysterious back view complete with pleat and storm flap.

The pockets are curious and it took a while to decipher the instructions. They're essentially welt pockets secreted by upside down flaps, so the hands can slip unnoticed into the pockets when the flaps are unbuttoned.

The clandestine cuff-straps.

The stealthy gun flap. The button is a bit of a double-agent serving both the gun flap . . .

and the fully buttoned lapel. Here's agent #1: the serious one.

And agent #2: the comic one.

Red flannel lining for agent #1.

Green flannel lining for agent #2.

I added two covert inside pockets in each coat - great for (temporary) storage of those ubiquitous self-destructing messages.

Flannel: Mill End Textiles
Buttons: cleaner's supply
Pattern: Ottobre 4-2009-27 (Roger M. Trenchcoat)


  1. wow - oh wow - you deserve a medal they look AMAZING - that was a lot of unselfish sewing for you to do, there are a lot of details on those trenches. Very well done you!

  2. Wow and Wow! You had to have spent so much time on those and I'll bet your boys are thrilled. They look fantastic!!! I'm voting you Super Mom of the Year! Hope you all have tons of fun.

  3. You made not one, but two trenchcoats? Hats off! And they look great; I hope the boys appreciate it!

  4. Oh wow! They are simply brilliant.

  5. Wow! I love them! I love how they have different lining too!

  6. You are amazing!! They looks great, and warm. I hope they get worn far past Halloween!

  7. Oh my goodness! The trenchcoats are fabulous! You did a fantastic job and the boys look very spy-like in their new coats.

  8. I really have to stop reading your blog. You make me look bad, even to myself.

    Those are AMAZING trench coats.

  9. Of course, at first I thought you bought these coats....and then realized you MADE them. Wow, what an amazing job. I bet they have a fabulous time in them.

  10. they're so cute! what an awesome costume :)

  11. Fab work! I was pretty proud of myself for making power bands for my boys...they took, oh, maybe a minute and a half on the overlocker...and now you have shown us all up by making not one, but two, trench coats for your children. What a lot of work! What a lot of fun! Enjoy the secret missions.

  12. Wowsers! They are totally fabulous!

  13. Those trench coats rock. You have really done an awesome job. So glad DD only wanted to dress up as a cat for the Halloween themed school disco - I only needed to make ears and a tail.

  14. Holy cow, this really puts the bed sheet ghost look to shame.

  15. These are amazing trench coats. What cool spies.

  16. You are such a talented seamstress. Those coats are gorgeous. I hope they aren't just costumes. They look ideal for a good rain or to wear to church! Smart to make different color of linings so they don't get them mixed up. Cute, cute models. Whoops! Should have said cool, cool models. Boys that age don't like to be called cute or so my grandsons tell me!


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