Monday, October 4, 2010

Ten Things You May Not Want to Know

Two lovely sewists, Liz from Lizards Little Luxuries and Sigrid from Analog Me, have passed this award to me.

In the midst of the pleasant background noise of happy children and a powerwasher, I'll attempt to think of 10 random things things you may not want to know about me and the 21wale household.

1. As you probably noticed, I have 5 lovely children, much to the amusement of the general public. I have fun seeing how many comments I get in any given outing. The standard ones are, "Are they all yours?", "Oh! 2 boys and 3 girls!" and "Oh, they're all so well-behaved!" (Strangely, I never get that one when the baby is yelling...). People who also have 5 (or more) children like to stop and tell me about our common bond. One time when we were packing the kids into the van, a van pulled up and a man yelled out, "We have 5 kids too! It gets easier!" Then he drove off. I also think it's funny when people walk by us, counting under their breath.

2. I have an unhealthy penchant for Twizzlers Nibs (small red licorice). I like European red licorice even better, and I search out red laces whenever I'm in Europe which, sadly, is not very often.

3. I enjoy playing the mandolin, guitar, violin, and uke, besides the piano and (of course) the recorder. I inherited this obsession from my dad, who even builds string instruments.

4. My alma mater let me have my 4 year education for free because I apparently showed great potential. I always wonder what they would think of my "successful" career choice (:

5. Despite being a great klutz, I've never had an interesting injury or illness. I'm not complaining.

6. I love eating (and even cooking) ethnic foods. That's probably because I'm from the Midwest, the land of bland, and my tastebuds got bored.

7. I hate shopping, which is a great reason to sew my own clothes.

8. My husband and I once (pre-kids) took a vacation to Iceland and Norway in January. Yes, that's the dead of winter, but you must know that roundtrip tickets on Iceland Air were $199 apiece. It was a great experience, if a bit chilly.

9. In another life, I might have been an anthropologist, a linguist, an astrophysicist, or a herpatologist. So hard to choose. Good thing I have just one life (:

10. The powerwasher sound is my husband cleaning out the basement. It's one thing to have a few mice and set out a few traps. It's another to spot mice sneaking around your sewing area every night while you're sewing and to be emptying traps every morning. So we've decided to go all out and solve the problem once and for all. We've lived in this house for six months, but I'm sure the mouse colony was here before us...We emptied our unfinished basement of all our storage, tore off the walls, and removed all of the insulation. There were burrows and mouse nests in the insulation, even in the ceiling. My husband sprayed a hospital grade disinfectant and is now powerwashing all the surfaces. Then we'll make sure all possible entry points are plugged. We've lost count, but we've disposed of about 20 live and 20 expired creatures. You probably didn't want to know that one...

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  1. All those mice do not sound fun. Hope you can eradicate all of them and they find some other place (ie: paddock, bushland etc) to live lol
    And thanks for the list of more blogs to check out :)

  2. We have the same kind of comments with only four kids. And since we have only girls, people sometimes are sad for us ! So my husband uses to tell them : "Don't worry, we'll stop having children when we have so many boys as girls" :-D Well, I'm not sure about that !
    I didn't even know we had red licorice in Europe ! And I wish we could find twizzlers nibs and twists in France.
    I got a sewing machine some time ago and I'm trying to get things with it. What you do is great, I'm admiring :-)

  3. A mother of 5 and you make all those clothes ? I think your "potential" has been achieved ! We have had some struggles with mice too. I agree that zero tolerance is the only way to deal with them


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