Sunday, October 10, 2010

Waldo Stripes and Jeans

Can you tell I'm all blogged out from Self-Stitched September? I've been doing lots of things besides taking photos and blogging, and that's a nice change.

Here we have a combination hand-picked by an 8 year old. I think the swaths of red in the sleeves help tone down the insane stripes. Alex was drawn to this fabric online once when I was shopping a Chez Ami sale. He finally gets a shirt from it a year later. The pattern is one I've made several times before: Reko Raglan Sleeve Tee (Ottobre 4-2008-26).

And it wouldn't be made by me if it didn't have a little growing room, eh? I would have liked these jeans to be a little slimmer, though. I usually reduce Ottobre patterns two sizes in the width compared to height. Here I cut a size 134 height and 128 width - although his width measurements really put him in a toddler size 104 (about US 5).

These are classic jeans with a little twist on back pocket shape. The topstitching and rivets surely make them look less homemade...I hope! I added elastic in the entire waistband due to the extra 5 inches in the waist. That definitely bunches the waist up funny, but it would look funnier if the pants didn't stay up.

Denim from Mill End Textiles.
Pattern: Loafer Jeans (Ottobre 1-2008-35).


  1. Looks good! That's one of my favorite shirt patterns for my boy.

  2. A really fun and stylish outfit for your boy. The stripes remind me of the Dr. Suess fabric I've seen in the quilting cottons, bright and playful. The jeans really do have nice detailing and don't look homemade at all.


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