Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cord and Argyle

I just looked back on my sewing log (slog?), which starts in May of 2008, and realized that this is the 3rd skirt I've ever made. No, I'm not a huge skirt or dress person, but I was surprised I hadn't made any for my girls either. Do we unconsciously impress our preferences on our children? Hmmm. Daughter #2 will wear ONLY skirts or dresses, so never mind about that idea.

I also made a white button up shirt, but it doesn't look right with the skirt. So you get the t-shirt and will have to wait to see the shirt.

I was liking this skirt a lot when it was on the ironing board, but now I'm thinking my instincts were correct in thinking that the pattern should have: #1 called for interfacing the button placket and, #2 called for more closely spaced buttons. The skirt is somewhat loose, so the pulling you see is just what you get when a button pulls on fabric. The gaping between the top two buttons isn't indecent, but I'll probably add an inner snap for the sake of aesthetics. The modeled photo of this skirt in the magazine shows the same gaping.

I do really like all the darted waist shaping. I think it'd look good to skip the button placket altogether and do a back or side zipper.

Oddly enough, the pattern features VERY clean lines. You see no visible stitching! No visible stitching = lots of hand sewing. Even the pockets are slip stitched on the front.
pattern: Burda Magazine 7-2009-111.
corduroy: Mill End Textiles
buttons: a Chez Ami button assortment


  1. That's unfortunate that the buttons are causing the fabric to pull as it's a really cute skirt. Plus it looks fabulous with the argyle socks/tights? I love how the back is shaped and agree that it would work nicely forgoing the button placket and having a side zipper instead.

  2. It is cute! This one has been on my too sew list for a while. Note to self - interfacing + lots of buttons...

  3. I am glad the coats are for every day wear too because they are so fabulous. You are such a good seamstress. I love your blue skirt. They look so good with those socks. You have the perfect shape for sewing clothes for!I bet you could sew anything and look good in it.

  4. Love your skirt, the colour is great!


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