Monday, November 22, 2010

Cozy Up by the Fire in . . . Denim

It's another good day to keep warm by the fire . . . snow, sleet, ice, frozen rain... Except there's really no fire this time. We need to buy more wood or gather some from the back yard.

Alex conceived of and described this outfit for me to make (which color denim, the colors of the shirt and guitar...). He also thought up this very cool pose (:

The jeans are a repeat of the slim corduroys I just made Peter, the Paperback Writer Jeans (Ottobre 6-2010-131). I remembered to put in buttonhole elastic this time, which is nice because of its adjustability (obviously). It does make the waistband look a little funny on the sides.

This denim doesn't have any stretch to it, while the corduroy had some give. I think the back side looks less baggy in the non-stretchy fabric (same size jeans and this kid is actually skinnier than the other one). I also reduced the back pocket size and added rivets. I'm trying to use up my Dritz rivets before I delve into my new stock of rivets from Grommet Mart.
Can you tell I forgot to topstitch the belt loops? Somehow I didn't even figure that out while I was trying to attach really floppy, unstitched loops to the waistband.

I even used rivets on the shirt! Alex loved his short sleeve guitar shirt and really wanted a long sleeve version. This is the Riff T-shirt (Ottobre 3-2018-18). Made here previously. This time I made sure the guitar was centered on the shirt. Great idea, huh?

Here Alex demonstrates the method for playing applique guitars.

And this photo is for Sandra, who was curious about our stone fireplace. The original owners of our house poured the cement and set the stones in by hand. Right below this room is a basement, and you can see the cement column which is holding up all that weight. Our house has split levels, so you can see the stone wall is just a half wall.


  1. What a cool outfit! Love the fireplace as well. Really wishing we had one here right now... *shiver*

  2. You did a fantastic job, those jeans are beautiful! He looks so cool and comfortable.

  3. Wow! Thanks!
    It's an amazing place, if you ask me. I hope you don't mind I saved your photo in my idea-folder. Just for personal use.
    I guess it will be next Winter for us to make it real but the planning and searching around keeps me warm for now! ;)

    Great outfit too! :)

  4. Those jeans look great. Your topstitching, as always, looks flawless! I was granted a reprieve in making jeans for Patrick. I discovered 3 pairs I'd bought some time ago and packed away. But one day, I swear, I'm going to tackle making "real" jeans for him.

    Love the guitar shirt too!

  5. Joy, your children are so adorable. This is another fantastic outfit you've made. I love how your son gives you input on the clothes you make for him. I'm getting ready to start my PJ sew along projects for this weekend for my boys. Looking forward to the ease they offer. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I love your fireplace area!


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