Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cozy up to the Fire in Corduroy

After the snow storm we had on Saturday, we feel a lot more like relaxing by the fire than traipsing down to the beach.
This is especially nice to do in cozy new duds: a soft t-shirt and slim-fitting corduroy jeans.

The pants are classic 5-pockets jeans with slim legs (Paperback Writer Corduroy Jeans Ottobre 6-2010-131).

The pattern emphasized their slimness, so I didn't slim the pattern as I normally would. They definitely fit skinnier than most Ottobre pants. Perhaps they'd be better in this case with smaller pockets and less fabric under the pockets?

Anyway, the fit's pretty good, especially with the added elastic in the back waist. The t-shirt is another basic (Jalie 2918) out of Chez Ami interlock.

I wouldn't say Molly had the time of her life during her first snow experience. But she did love wearing her snow clothes IN the house, especially her theoretically reversible mittens from Auntie.

An assortment of kids (our kids and the neighbor kids all unidentifiable in snow gear) made a giant snowman base. They were too exhausted with the effort to add any more body pieces.

We got around 8 inches total.


  1. Veeeery occasionally I don't miss living in Minnesota.

    Nope. Still miss it. Even with the mega-snow.

    Those are cute skinny-jeans, pockets and all.

  2. Cute, cute, and more cute pics. You've been sewing up a storm hahahahahaaaaaaa

  3. I got a chill just viewing these pictures. Your boy's outfit is super cute. Love it!

  4. Those jeans are on my must-do list! They are so cute. I generally find Otto's idea of 'narrow' and 'slim' doesn't accord with mine but these jeans are indeed pretty skinny. Love them.

  5. The pants turned out great!
    I absolutely love your fireplace. Could you even show a complete view on it? I'm working on/planning a new one and love the stone wall!
    And could you ssend some snow over to the Netherlands, please?
    I know, I'm asking a lot today... ;)

    Warm hugs (think you all need them with this weather)!

  6. What a storm! I'm surprised by the jeans...I thought they'd be slimmer...of course they're beautifully made, but I will make the pockets smaller when I come to make them, and possibly a size smaller. I made M the Ottobre Neat-beat slim trousers a while ago and they were VERY slim. Funny how it goes.

  7. Wow, 20 cm ! This is one thing I don't miss about Minnesota : very coooold and long winters ! Are you in Northern Minnesota ?

  8. I like slim pants for boys, and these look well made and comfortable---especially by the sweet smile on your sons face!


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