Sunday, November 7, 2010

Q & A x 3

1. Misty asked about the braid I used for the baby sailor outfits. Here's a closeup:

This has a width of 1/4" (6mm) and is thicker than middy braid, I think, which makes it slightly less flexible. I used whatever I could find, but soutache would have been a good choice.

2. Sam asked about the mysterious stretch needle. The stretch needle takes the ballpoint needle a step further with its larger indentation (scarf) which forces the thread to form a larger loop which is easier for the machine to catch. This is good because you tend to get skipped stiches on the strechier knits.
3. Connie noted that she hoped the trench coats were not merely costumes. If I were making costumes for a theater production, I might just go to all that work for a costume. But these coats are definitely for everyday wear - and it's a bonus that they can double as costumes! One of my boys was wearing his trench coat while shopping with dad and a little girl shouted (as they always do), "Mom! That boy looks like a detective!"


  1. Those trench coats for your children are fantastic! You did a wonderful job, they are beautifully finished, and the contrasting flannel lining looks so cosy.

  2. thanks hun!! :) appreciate the effort.....


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