Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Skirt

ETA: I forgot to mention that the idea for the waistband is from a pair of pants I made from an Ottobre pattern (6-2009-17, Neat Beat Pants). It gives a nice smooth front waist. I changed the construction of the yoke a little using the sausage roll technique (as is used for bodice yokes) to get all the yoke seams sandwiched in between yoke layers.

Our family Thanksgiving gathering was postponed to Saturday because of the forecasted snow and ice storm. So, naturally, Thursday dawned clear and sunny, if a bit on the chilly side (11 F/-11.7 C). It turned out to be a quiet day of games, homemade pizza, and a little stitching.

I finished up a blouse for Sara and decided to make her a much needed skirt.

A simple skirt was a good option for trying out the new drafting book I got for my birthday: Metric Pattern Cutting for Children's Wear by Winifred Aldrich. I've made a few things for myself using the women's version of the book.

I drafted a basic fitted skirt with front and back darts. I moved the front dart shaping to the side seams (referring to the handy book "How to Make Your Own Dress Patterns" by Adele Margolis) and cut out a yoke. The yoke has a facing for a clean front waistline.

For the back, I left the darts unstitched and used elastic to gather the extra width.

The tulip shaped pocket has been swimming around in my brain for a while and I thought it might be low-key enough to satisfy Sara's request for "no decorations". I squeezed this skirt from a half yard, so part of the pocket had to be cut from some other denim.

The pocket is two identical pieces, each sewn right sides together with calico and turned. Then I stitched them together, forming a regular patch pocket.

Here are the basic skirt pattern pieces. I made tracings of these to turn into the specific skirt I had in mind.


  1. The tulip patch pocket is a cute idea. Nicely fitted skirt!

  2. Lovely little skirt and the pocket is wonderful!

  3. precioso el detalle del bolsillo

  4. What a cute skirt and a darling model. Very nice.


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