Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The ubiquitous and stark white

Here's the white shirt that doesn't quite work with the teal corduroy skirt. Although the bright white is certainly not a good color for me, a basic white shirt that actually fit was a hole in my wardrobe.

The feature I like most is the v-neckline. It also has turn-up cuffs and shoulder darts. Shoulder darts? You see those so rarely and yet I'm sure the vast majority of the population would benefit from them.

You can just barely see the gathered sleeve heads - there was a lot of ease in those sleeves. The line drawing doesn't show gathers, so I was a little surprised when I found they were unavoidable in real life, especially in this crisp sateen. Maybe I'll cut out some of that sleeve cap height when I make this shirt in another color.

And what about shoulder adjustments, you ask? I made my newly adopted forward shoulder adjustment, which meant I left out my old technique of pinching out a diagonal line in the bodice from neck to armscye (tapering to 0 at the neck), to allow for the hollow created by the jutting shoulder knob. The question is, should I try to fix the diagonal line or leave it alone?


cotton sateen from

pattern Ottobre 5-2009-4


  1. Great shirt. I think I used the neckline from that pattern for my latest (unblogged) shirt. I liked the look of it too - you don't have to button all the way up your neck and it sits nice and flat unlike normal shirts that would flop open.

  2. A very smart shirt. The shoulder looks good to me.

  3. I think your shirt looks like it fits beautifully. I also love the teal skirt you made with the argyle socks/tights! Both are fabulous additions to your wardrobe, even if they don't work together. I feel like you do about white tops, not my favorite on me, but they sure have their place for certain looks. Great job!

  4. It's interesting that most shirt and dress patterns used to have shoulder darts and now they are so rare. I think you are right, most of us could use them.


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