Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Stats for Your Inner Nerd

It's that time of year again: looking back while looking forward. A year ago we sold our house, packed up the kids, and drove halfway across the country. It was bitterly cold when we arrived here and my toes were numb for two weeks (not exaggerating). It was a crazy up and down time looking for a house and finally moving in 2 months later.

Now, a year later, we're satisfied with our furniture arrangements, have figured out this house's particular quirks, have grown to love our neighborhood and . . . I have a decent selection of wool socks (thanks, mom!).

And now the part you've really been waiting for ... the statistics. The graphs below are based on 117 finished garments. I didn't include my Mrs. Stylebook sloper, 4 stool covers, or the sad capri pants I fed my serger. [Thanks go to my husband for creating these charts. His inner nerd includes databases. He dreams databases like I dream pattern drafting.]

[Note: Burda refers to BurdaStyle Magazine.]


  1. Wow. You sure do get a lot done! Especially in June I see. (I like your husband's inner geek.)

  2. Nifty! I'm debating whether I'm organized enough to do one of these---I love looking at other peoples' pie charts.

  3. Nice! I have been crunching my numbers, but I need a geek to make some pretty charts for me. All those numbers mean so much more visually. It looks like you had a great year! I'm so impressed that you sewed nothing from the Big 4. I think that is awesome!

  4. OHHH I love my inner nerd and LOVE THESE CHARTS!!!

    I have been following you for some time now and have a question...why no big 3 patterns? I do love Ottobre and Burda but didn't know if there was a specific reason behind no big 3. Thanks for sharing and feeding my nerdy self!!!

  5. Very productive. Does making the chart help you plan for next year? Do you plan your sewing a long way ahead?

  6. Nice charts! Have a productive, healthy, joy-filled New Year!

  7. Such cool charts! Your husband is so sweet to do those up for you!
    Your kids look so cute in the last post. You did a fabulous job on all those PJ's!
    Happy New Year, Joy!

  8. Oh Joy, I love lists and never thought of making lists for what the kids need! I like that idea! This past Christmas I made myself have NO list- for gifts, for to-dos, for anything. It was terrifying and very, very liberating. There was literally no stress, and I think I'm going to do that this year. Maybe even for the WHOLE year. I wish I had a system for deciding what I need to sew/make, but it ends up looking more like a collection of notebooks into which I sketch ideas for mostly non-essentials like toys and costumes and seasonal wear. And the kids outgrow each stage faster than I can make the things they need, so I give up and think maybe I should just enjoy the ideas themselves and not hope to flesh them out ever. And then head out to Target to buy them clothes.

    Er, I think this comment was supposed to be for the next post, sorry.

    P.S. I have put all sewing on hold until I sort out my awful sewing closets. It might be that I go as long as a whole month without lifting the cover of my sewing machine off. It's been 2 weeks already and I have no urge at all to touch the sewing machine. Again, terrifying and oddly liberating!


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