Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Cowl Contrivance

I've had my mind on cowl necks lately and lacking a pattern (or actually forgetting about the Burda download I had) I decided to have a little fun with my drafting books. Since I already had a basic long sleeve t-shirt worked out, I just altered the neckline of that block (or sloper). The entire cowl is cut on, with a facing matching the top 2 or so inches of the neckline. I cut the front on the bias.

Now, homemade patterns don't come with any sort of instructions. So I didn't think to do anything with the back of the shirt and I should have matched the back neckline to to the front. In this case, I unceremoniously coverstitched it down. Next time, I will: increase the size of the front facing to at least 4 inches, match the back and front neckline facings and slim the sleeves.

Do you like my three different attempts at decent lighting? My natural lighting area is knee deep in snow, and my photographer and I are still searching for decent spots indoors.

I used a random unknown-content jersey with no stretch for this version. Now that I've made some progress on drafting the cowl neck, I think I'll cut into one of my drapier knits for another version. The question is, should I cut the back on the bias too, or leave it on the straight grain?


  1. Well, it looks like fun. I think the instructions to cut cowls on the bias only apply to wovens, but it's interesting to see a knit cut that way :)

    I need to make a basic long-sleeve cowl neck. Or five. :)

  2. I like your elegant knit top, nice drafting. I think cutting a no stretch jersey on the bias is very appropriate - you want to add stretch and drape! I wouldn't bother with something more stretchy.

  3. Clever you! I think for a knit you could cut the back on the straight grain, although I do have a DKNY pattern that cuts a knit on the bias...I guess there are no rules and it is up to you!


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