Saturday, December 4, 2010

Geisha Babe

With so many hand-me-downs, Molly doesn't get mom-made very often. I was surprised that, at 22 months, she was so excited about her new shirt. I let her try it on before I put on the buttons, and she pointed at the open front complaining, "Butt-? Butt-?" [Translation: this needs buttons, Mom!"]

The print is a quilting cotton I picked up a few years ago. Good thing (or bad thing?) most of my quilting prints are in 1/8 or 1/4 yards or they would all turn into little shirts. Little shirts are a lot faster than quilts!

I told her to turn around for the back view and she started turning in circles...

And the shirt in action: a new reading style she's learned from her sisters.
Cotton: Aunt Gracie's Around the World print from Mary Jo's Cloth Store
Pattern: Ottobre 1-2008-4 (Maya Blouse)


  1. What a cutie and I love the print with the pretty red bias binding at the neck and cuffs. Amazing how fast they can make their wishes known!

  2. Such a lovely post...she's growing up so quickly...I think the youngest is usually quite good at getting their point across, that is the case in our house anyway. (and in our house she's only 32 minutes younger than her sister!).
    The blouse is so lovely, I made similar ones for my girls with shorter sleeves and buttons to the back, they are great, like Molly's, over longer sleeves.

  3. sweet! ;D

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  4. This is cute! I keep trying to rotate between my kids so they get the same number of homemade garments, but the hand-me-down factor really throws a wrench into my careful calculations. (Do I still owe Syo a pair of jeans, since I never made one just for her? But she's now wearing the jeans I made for Tyo last spring, which Tyo barely got to wear before she outgrew them, so do I owe Tyo another pair instead?) And that's with only two kids!

  5. I am crazy about the fabric, and the red trim is perfect. I adore all the fun asian designs for girls...


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