Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hunkering Down

Unfortunately I misplaced my camera until this evening, so I have some lousy through-the-window night shots here, but you may recognize my summer time photo shoot venue beneath all that snow. We got a friendly blizzard last night and today; our official snow total as of suppertime was 15.2 inches (38.6 cm).

The kids made a giant (so they say) snow cave. Hubby snowblowed the driveway three times. Baby and I stayed warm inside.
I think it was the festive snow that inspired my husband to dig out his Grandma Marie's krumkake recipe. My husband's family is a couple generations closer to their Norwegian roots than mine is, and while my family eats ham, they still eat things like ribs and cod for the Christmas meal.

Anyway, back to the krumkake. Put some batter in the iron.

Close the lid to cook for a while.

Peel off the cookie, which is soft, and quickly wrap it around the cone shaped rolling pin. As it cools, it becomes crisp.

We usually eat them plain, but they're good with whipping cream or ice cream. You can see a few of them made their way into ice cream bowl shapes - and are waiting to be filled with ice cream and lingonberries.


  1. Brrrr. The dark snowy cold gives me the shivers, then the warm cozy making of goodies warms me up. What a nice tutorial on how to make krumkake... it looks delicious.

  2. Aw man... yummy! Winter always makes me want old-fashioned food. I actually considered buying store-bought lefse online a few weeks ago... then rational thought returned. I guess I might have to figure out how to make it myself now. Krumkake is beyond me.

    Heard about the blizzard from family, I guess they weren't embellishing. That's a lotta snow!

  3. Wow, the weather outside was frightful.....but the krumkake looks delightful!


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