Monday, December 13, 2010

Jänönheinä Tunic

I don't know why I'm making summer clothes for a baby who doesn't need clothes anyway. I suppose impulse isn't generally directed by need.

But Molly's happy to help me use up odd fabric pieces and doesn't mind dressing in layers for winter.

This is a raglan sleeve tunic with the neck gathered and bound and with elasticated sleeves.
The pattern is the Janonheina Tunic from Ottobre 4-2010-2. All my googling didn't reveal what "Janonheina" means in Finnish.

This is the winter wonderland view I have from my sewing room window.


  1. She's such a sweetie and looks adorable in the little tunic/dress. Layers are very in and its working well for her.

  2. Adorable! You have the cutest girls. And layers are definitely the way to go - the only way to dress little girls pretty AND practical in winter, IMO.

  3. Cute! The fabric combo reminds me of some tops from last summer's HA catalog.

    You all have the real deal as far as snow goes! We got around 2 inches (almost unheard of in December).

  4. What a darling tunic and the adorable little model is GREAT at all the poses. She is a doll!!!


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