Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pajamas for All and to All a Good Night

These are the jammies that didn't quite make it for Christmas. But they're finished now. For some reason, I think I work more slowly when I have a deadline.

The kids wanted to redo the funny photo idea they had earlier this year: four monkeys wrestling on the couch.

The girls' pajamas were an effort to use up some ugly fabric that snuck into my stash somehow. It's not too bad for pjs, is it?

The boys got fun fabric, though: lizards and camping.
The patterns are all from the 6-2009 issue of Ottobre.

Christmas Eve day we happened to drive past the collapsed Twin Cities' Metrodome (or should we say "Metrobowl"?) It collapsed under the weight of snow during a recent blizzard. You can watch a video of it collapsing here.


  1. Love the jammies and the way the kids enjoy them too. I saw the collapse on tv when it happened too. Amazing. Thanks for the link.

  2. I don't think that stripe is ugly. it is very good for those pj's! I have some of that lizard stuff too. Thought the baby might like it one day - but the rate we're getting hand-me-downs for him....I don't NEED to sew for him! No stripes for your baby?


  3. Great Job. My kids received PJs under the tree on Christmas Eve. I've tried to make it a tradition. However, they were Gymboree sale jammies this year. They kept saying, "I can't wait to open the pajamas mom made for us." I know my daughter was disappointed not to get homemade ones.

  4. Lovely PJs...I am the same when I have a deadline to work to. I didn't even attempt jammies this year, after the flannel ones I made last year, but funnily enough, on the 27th of December I made my two little ones new deadline...!
    I love all the fabrics you have used, even the girls'. I think it is perfect for nighties.
    I watched the roof collasping...amazing.

  5. Those pj's look so comfy!! And I do like the stripe :)

  6. Hey, I think I have some of that ugly fabric hanging around in my stash somewhere! Nightgowns is a good way to use it up. Love all the pjs, especially the boys.

  7. Awesome PJ's. The boys' are similar to a Kwik Sew pattern I like to use when I make knit pj's for my boys. I actually really love the color combination on the girls striped pj's. They all look so pleased with your efforts! Happy New Year!


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