Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Raggedy Rompers for Two

These rompers remind me of my ancient Raggedy Ann doll I have stashed away somewhere. All my girls need are some red and white striped tights.

My husband thought I made them clown outfits. Ha ha. Actually, this is how it went... When he came home from work, Sara walked into the room and he said, "Wait, I thought Grace was wearing that." "No, I made them each one." "You made them both clown suits?" I guess we've moved to a new stage of sewing. I've stopped proudly showing him everything I make straight off the sewing machine. He's stopped fawning with amazement over everything I've made. Reality sets in (:

Anyway, I'm not so fond of how the front bib part of these turned out. It looks awkwardly low and you can see that the pleated portions above the straps pouf out, even though I tacked them down. The straps button to some button tabs stitched on the inside. However, I think the romper works better on the proportions of a 4 year old than of a 6 year old.

I do think the back view is pretty cute, though. The back waist has about six lines of shirring. I stitched these with elastic thread in the bobbin like usual, but even six rows did little to gather the fabric. However, I held my steaming iron over it, and it shriveled up tight - as you can see in the picture. That was my ironing fun for the day! The ankles are shirred as well.

I think I'd like the front better if the top edge were about four inches higher.

More pleats on the patch pockets.

Pattern: Ottobre 4-2010-19 (Vahvero Linen Romper)
Fabric: Poplin made to look like linen made to look like denim from


  1. I love those cute pleated pockets, and you did a really nice job on the shirring. I agree that the back view is super cute and the front might look more in proportion if it came up higher. Ah, but the girls are so adorable wearing them.

  2. I always love to see your new projects, and I'm a sucker for things that have pleats. Great job! (And beautiful little girls, of course!)

  3. I think they both look great and your little one looks such a lovely scamp in that photo. The older one has her "dignified big sister" face on, though.

  4. These are absolutely adorable on BOTH the 4 and 6 year olds. No adjustments needed. They're really cute just the way they are. I debated making matching outfits for my great nieces, age 2 and 5, but do ALL sisters like matching items? I'd hate to make them and then one or the other wouldn't like the idea. Obviously your girls enjoy dressing alike. I'd love to make this VERY item for them.

  5. They both look adorable (and a whole lot alike!) in their new rompers. My question is, is the romper easy enough to get out of by a little one by herself for potty breaks? I dismissed that pattern because that was my concern. They are super cute though so I might need to revist that pattern.

  6. Cindy-the buttons are little challenging to do on my versions since I stitched the fronts to the button tabs (so the pleats wouldn't stick out so much) and it's hard to get the fingers in there. Snaps or larger buttons would be good, but my girls actually get in and out by sliding the straps off the shoulders.

  7. Anita-I figure a few matching outfits doesn't hurt anybody and they're fun for pictures! I suppose my girls will eventually tell me when they don't want any more matching clothes!

  8. Wow you must have been married to the iron that day! I think the pockets are very sweet. clever to choose a fabric that similates denim...much more comfortable--yet still very versatile!


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