Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Paisley

We had to drive 3.5 hours to our family Thanksgiving dinner, so I helped the kids lay our their clothing the night before. Grace has a "healthy" selection of shirts, but in her opinion none of them was suitable for the occasion. Which shirt was she desperate for? The one that was half finished on my sewing table, of course.

Well, this is a very simple and quick top, so I obliged. This is a fabric she picked out herself from the fabric store...after I steered her away from a strange ballerina print. I'm really liking paisley lately and I won't deny that my opinion had some affect on her choice.

I've made this blouse several times before: it has a gathered neckline which ties just at the raglan seam. It works fine as a winter top with a tee underneath, but should serve her well through the spring and summer too.
Fabric: Cotton from Mill End Textiles
Pattern: "Polka dot Blouse" Ottobre 1-2008-16


  1. Why is it they always want the one that is still hanging off the sewing machine? I just always tell myself, at least they still want the clothes I sew them!! This is a super cute top, and she looks adorable in it.

  2. Super cute, and she looks happy with it.

  3. cute cute cute! That's one of my favorite quick patterns too. unfortunately, my children don't agree. Glad your's do!

  4. I like your idea of wearing it in the winter with a tee underneath...what a fun way to bring fun fabrics into the winter...looks great!

  5. Very, very cute - the blouse and the girl! (Glad there's no ballerina print - the blue paisley suits her perfectly.)

  6. I agree with Grace, the outfit still half sewn is always the most immediately appealing :).
    Unfortunately, so do my children.
    The shirt is really sweet, much better than ballerinas.

  7. Hi Joy, I love the neckline on this top for your sweet Grace. Funny I was working on paisley this week too! I wanted to say, I think you would find the New Look shrug very comfortable. I love it with the fitted sleeves, but I am pretty sure the bell sleeves would drive me crazy. The shoulder area is comfortable too. Congratulations on moving in March too. Funny thing. We brought a trampoline along with us! It's a good energy release for the boys! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by to visit my little blog. I always enjoy reading yours too.

  8. Super adorable top, and she looks so cute in it!


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