Tuesday, January 25, 2011

80's Flower Power

Lately, I've been focusing on using up some of those old stash pieces which I'm never drawn to (or flat out ignore) whenever I open my fabric cupboard. The blue floral cotton lycra was one of those pieces, and you'll be seeing more of it down the road, since I used less than half on this top.

I wish I hadn't cut out a solid white version of this top at the same time I cut out the floral, since it turned out unexpectedly low in the neckline and short and wide in general. I'll have to make adjustments to my already cut pieces and probably make it for little sister instead. The neckline of the top is gathered; the lower sleeve panels are gathered and stitched to the upper sleeve panels; and the sleeves are gathered with elastic. The whole top has an A-line tent shape.

To complete the outfit, we have one of my favorite Ottobre patterns: the Neat Beat pants. I've made these a number of times, and always add a wedge to the back crotch since they are too low otherwise. I added some handstitching on the front yoke; Sara, the consummate "plain Jane", insisted I leave off my other embroidery ideas and just give her the pants already.

Top: Silja Sweater Top (Ottobre 4-2008-22)
Pants: Neat Beat Pants (Ottobre 6-2009-17)
Floral cotton/lycra jersey: long-forgotten, possibly
Stretch corduroy: Mill End Textiles


  1. Love, Love the Neat Beat pants. I want a pair in my size...they look great on her and the handstitching is perfect...

  2. Adorable. I have had the too-wide problem with another similar Otto tee. Still I love Otto for my kids too.

  3. Adorable outfit! I think plain suits your girl very well; it lets her declicate beauty shine! I must go look up the pants pattern in my Ottobre collection; it seems to be a good basic.

  4. Ah, I see the top-stitching bug has bit you too! So nice, how it adds just enough something to a solid fabric without turning it into Fancy. On my end, I've finally drafted pants for the girls. Did Kate's draft first, because smallest and will waste the least fabric if wrong- the "muslin" is in vivid teddy-bear sweatshirt fleece. Not at all fashionable. Emily's next. I've the measurements scribbled on paper somewhere in the living room. All that said, I'd trade everything for a warm day out when we can wear SHORTS, not pants, and picnic at the zoo and not have to touch the sewing machine for the next YEAR because we're so busy actually playing.

  5. The Neat Beat pants have quickly become one of our go-to pants patterns also. That's cute that Sara doesn't like you to do too many embellishments...sounds like another little girl I know.

  6. That is a very cute outfit! The top is very pretty and looks great with those pants. I like the topstitching! And your children are so adorable!


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