Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cowl, version 2

Here's the new and improved cowl neck. You can see version 1 here. I made a few minor changes in this version: lengthened and slimmed the sleeves and increased the size of the front and back neck facing. Also, this time I cut the front on the straight grain rather than the bias. To be honest, I can't tell a real difference in drape either way, but the bias cut front of the previous version has an interesting look to it.

I like this warm colorful version better; I think the charcoal grey is too much contrast against the "pale background" (:
Fabric: red/orange cotton jersey from Mill End Textiles (local).
Pattern: drafted from my basic t-shirt block with alteration to the neckline.


  1. I really like this version on you!

  2. The changes and the colour you used look great.

  3. I prefer this version on you as well. Good colour choice:)

  4. I love the cowl style and the color is fantastic on you. Very nice job.

  5. This is a fantastic color on you! I just love the look of the extra long sleeves too. Very nice!


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