Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Cozy Woodsman

We have a chilly house situated in the near-tundra. Actually, Wikipedia calls it the "Humid Continental (cool summer) Climate Zone". Anyway, sometime last winter, my husband mentioned he could really use a vest just to take the edge off the chill. So, this was another last-minute sneaky Christmas project. Now, my husband takes a polite interest in my sewing projects, but luckily he wasn't curious about the frayed fleece scraps littering the floor.

I used a very basic fleece jacket pattern but left off the sleeves and bound the armholes. I also added side seam pockets. The vest is soft and warm and apparently serving its purpose well since my husband has worn it every day since he opened his gift.

If I pan out, you can see we are never wanting for company in our house! You can also see by the missing baseboard that we are never wanting for house projects, either...

Pattern: BurdaStyle 1-2010-126.
Berber Fleece: Mill End Textiles. 1.5 yards at about $2.80 a yard.
2 way jacket zipper: Cleaner's Supply.


  1. I saw this (the baby, the model and the vest) in person! Very nice (all three)!

  2. "Polite Intrest" !! I thought that was acute term. Prince Charming has the same attitude of my quilting/sewing. That looks nice & comfy! Let your hubby know that if he gets caught up with YOUR home projects, he can come help my husband with his. Though it might NOT be warmer down here right now.



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